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Below are testimonials from just a few of the many satisfied Funasset and IDS customers.

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I just wanted to put on record my personal thanks for the great job you did for us on the Gloucester annual Council Tax bills and benefit letters.

Annual billing is always a difficult time for local authorities, but with so many Government changes being made, this year has been particularly trying but we’ve made it with the bills going out today.

In particular, I would like you to pass my thanks on to Paul Swift, who I am told by the team in Gloucester, was excellent.

Gary Bell / Civica Group Limited /

SilentPrint has been extremely easy to use, requiring minimal configuration and training for the operatives. Not only that, it also helps us to make certain that printed assignments are complete and match those received from Turnitin – something that was difficult to ensure prior to SilentPrint being used.

Stephen Harding / Southampton Solent University /

Since the IDS solution was integrated our printing process is a lot more straightforward. There is now less for the operators to do, and jobs are printed faster because they are going through the same machine.

Susan Tarr / Moorcroft Debt Recovery /

You guys are the best tech support we've ever had! That fixed us right up FAST. Thank you very much.

Karen Fries / Print Solutions /

Thank you for your expeditious handling of this matter – I deeply appreciate it. Your customer service regarding this matter has proven to be most exemplary. I respect your diligence and hope to continue a solid business relationship on all future endeavours between our two companies.

IT Dept / Employment Background Investigations /

Your quick personal responses to my questions and issues really made this purchase an easy decision.

Scott Trumbauer / PPL Corporation /

Thanks so much for your quick response and excellent support!

Abraham Pease-Byron / Professional Document Products /

I very much appreciate all the help you have given me and am very grateful for the patience you have shown.

Karen Robey / Epic Technologies LLC /

With SpoolQ we now have tremendous flexibility in the way we handle our printing.

Gary Dickens / Somerset County Council /

The new systems provided by IDS offer us the opportunity to give out information in a more professional manner. Because impact printers were limited in what they could print and conventional hard coded programming needed time to effect change, we traditionally steered away from using volatile information such as telephone numbers, names, signatures and logos. This has changed with the ease of use and flexibility of new document composition software and we can now produce much better customer-facing documentation more quickly than before.

John Allison / SchlumbergerSema /

The beauty of the new SpoolQ system is that it has enabled Staffordshire General Hospital to introduce the improvements without changing a line of code in the mainframe system.

Jack Barber / Staffordshire General Hospital /

We spent a month evaluating every batch printing program we could find. We chose SilentPrint for its efficiency, features, ease of use and price.

The value to our bottom line is immeasurable. Since implementation, SilentPrint has eliminated manual mistakes and hundreds of man hours per year.

Jeanie Baker / Ecker Hill Systems /

In the past year we have had to rely on the Rules facility in Outlook to print our Internet orders. However, this process was affected by mail server delays caused by spam, anti virus scans and mail server outages.

We finally solved our problem by creating HTML files and using FTP to download them to a SilentPrint Watched folder. SilentPrint works like a charm and now our orders print instantly!

William Kartawidjaja / Scorpion Technology Computers Pty Ltd /

Burrell Professional Labs are a group of professional photographic labs located throughout the United States. We receive digital camera files from professional photographers and use SilentPrint as part of the Input process at each of our six facilities.

PDF files are received on our FTP site as part of incoming digital print orders and are handed off to a folder monitored by SilentPrint which sends them to a networked printer. These PDF files contain thumbnails of each image to be printed along with the print sizes ordered.

We have entirely eliminated the need to manually print PDF files and have come to rely on SilentPrint as a component of our digital production.

Michael Williams / Burrell Imaging, LLC. /

I have used the program in two separate instances where I needed to print 5,000+ documents. In both cases, the documents I needed to print were Word, PowerPoint, Excel, TIFF and Wordperfect.

My experience with your software has been so positive that I have recommended it to a group of IT administrators for law firms I am in (LawNet). That recommendation made it to more than 1,000 people so hopefully they are enjoying using it too.

Tom Crowe / Wyche Burgess Freeman & Parham PA /

I have been utilizing SilentPrint for a few months now and it is worth every penny! I am a network tech for a medical billing company and we deal with many forms of data that need to be printed. Before SilentPrint, we would have to find ways to send the documents to a printer which could take hours.

With SilentPrint we have the data dumped to a "Watched" folder and then walk away. SilentPrint takes care of the rest. This has really saved on labour and paid for itself in the first day.

Thank you for such a solid product, it has been a lifesaver!

Shawn Wood / MedAmerica Billing Services Inc. /

Already during IDS’ first AutoForm LaserNet customer implementation we became instantly aware of the company’s excellence in consultancy, support and reliability. Moreover I like that fact that IDS don’t necessarily impose one specific solution on their customers rather they let their customers decide single-handedly what solution they prefer to integrate.

Rasmus Lyhne / Formpipe /

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