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Custom Software

Custom software solutions that meet your needs perfectly, on time and within budget

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Funasset have been developing in-house and custom software since 1987. It’s what we know best and it’s something we have a great reputation and passion for. In fact our software is used and trusted by a large number of distinguished businesses and organisations including the Bank of England, UK Mail, NHS, MOD and many UK Government authorities.

If you require a custom enterprise, desktop, Web or mobile application (or even a mixture of the four) it’s not just our tried and tested development record that makes us an obvious choice...

We will of course provide you with a user-friendly and robust solution that fits your needs perfectly - no matter the size or complexity. We’ll also deliver it on time and within budget then go that extra mile to ensure it continues to operate smoothly and remains current with the way you work. Finally our training and support team, together with a comprehensive Help system, ensures everyone who uses your software does so in the most productive way possible.

If what you have just read is enough to make you consider our software development services then contact us now to arrange a free consultation with one of our analysts. If not then discover how our solutions evolve from an initial consultation to a polished product and beyond.

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The Development Process

The framework below is the proven approach typically used by Funasset to design, develop, deploy and maintain custom software solutions.

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Safe in Our Hands

Funasset are ISO 27001 certified. This means you can be assured your data and business processes we are exposed to during and after the development process remain secure.

Your custom software will be developed, managed and supported by highly professional UK-based personnel that adhere to policies governed by our ISO 27001 certification. Furthermore, we will never outsource the development of your solution or use temporary staff.

If we develop a Web application for you it can be stored on a dedicated server within a Tier 2 secure environment.

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Help System and User Guide

Your custom software will be supplied with a comprehensive Help system and a PDF user guide written by one of our in-house technical writers.

The Help system can be integrated within the software itself or stored on a remote Web server so it can be viewed in a browser.

The user guide conveys the exact same information as the Help system but in a format suitable for printing.

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Even though your custom software will be intuitive and supplied with a comprehensive Help system, we can, on request, provide training for any number of users. This can be undertaken at the Funasset office, your own office or a mutually convenient location.

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Support and Maintenance

Following sign-off of your custom software, our comprehensive support and maintenance agreement is activated (and renewable annually). With this in place you are just a support ticket, telephone call, email or site visit away from resolving any problems that may arise during the life of your solution.

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Future Updates

Funasset understand that business processes can change, that's why we are always happy to review your custom software solution and integrate new functionality or change existing features.

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The Cost

No two custom software solutions are ever the same. This is why it is impossible for us to provide a fixed cost for your solution until we have an understanding of your exact requirements.

Following a free consultation with one of our analysts you will of course be provided with an itemised cost for your solution.

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Getting Started

You are just seconds away from being one step closer to a custom software solution that fits your needs perfectly! All you need to do is Contact us to arrange a free consultation with one of our analysts.

The analyst can visit your premises (or you can visit ours) to discuss your requirements then shortly after provide you with a detailed analysis report and an itemised cost.

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Funasset use the following development technologies:

  • Microsoft .NET 2/3.5/4, C#, VB.NET, MVC3, WPF, WCF
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008
  • C, C++, MFC
  • JQuery, AJAX, Java
  • MySQL
  • Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7
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