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Cazenove Gains “Invisible” Connectivity and Control of its Output

With unsupported SPUR hardware and direct host to printer output, Casenove turned to IDS for an up-to-date connectivity and output management solution.



Cazenove was founded in 1823 and is a leading independent investment bank. It provides corporate finance advice, distributes securities and research, and manages funds on behalf of a wide range of clients worldwide.

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Cazenove wanted to replace their unsupported SPUR Interface with a suitable alternative and at the same time gain better control over the management and distribution of print jobs sourced from remote ICL, UNIX and Vax mainframes.

Cazenove before diagram

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Casenove turned to IDS because of their proven track record in replacing SPUR Interfaces and their considerable experience integrating connectivity and output management solutions within financial institutions.

IDS solved the Casenove challenge by integrating a seamless and almost ‘invisible’ solution that incorporated a Funasset TN3000 Interface and a SpoolQ output management and distribution system.

The unsupported SPUR system was replaced with a TN3000 Interface supplied by IDS’s controlling company Funasset. The new solution enabled the TCP/IP network to be attached to the normally incompatible, Bus & Tag connected LPS controller on the Xerox DocuPrint 4635 printer.

“As soon as the SPUR box had been disconnected, it was only a matter of minutes before we had the TN3000 connected, configured and passing TCP/IP print traffic to the DocuPrint,” claims Mark Dowson, Senior Consultant for IDS. “In addition to the minimal down-time, the small footprint of the TN box also enabled us to position it under the floor making this aspect of the solution completely ‘invisible’.”

Cazenove after diagram

The introduction of SpoolQ allowed print jobs sourced from all three off-site hosts to be managed and distributed to the Xerox DocuPrint 4635 and HP 5Si printers.

“SpoolQ’s intuitive user interface enabled the Casenove operators to easily distribute jobs, view them on-screen and reprint them from archive without requesting a reissue from source,” states Mark. “Furthermore, it was no longer necessary for the operators at the remote site to know the destination of a print job - they simply needed to route it to SpoolQ!”

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  • Improved Output Management and Distribution Print jobs received by SpoolQ from any host can be manually or dynamically output to any printer, viewed on-screen, archived and reprinted at any time.
  • Future-proof Host and destination independent solution means that future hardware and software integration is quick, easy and cost-effective.
  • Non-evasive No hardware or software changes required on the hosts or printers.
  • Small footprint Positioning the TN3000 Interface under the floor means that valuable print-room space is saved.
  • Minimal “down-time” Quick and seamless integration of all solutions.
  • Active support No further reliance on unsupported SPUR Interface.

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Mark Williams from Funasset