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SpoolQ's Magnificent Seven!

Seven SpoolQ features to make your output management and distribution more productive!

Funasset’s SpoolQ is one of the leading enterprise output management and distribution products for the Windows environment. It is used globally by organisations such as health and local authorities, utility and FM companies, insurance services and banks and is trusted and integrated by manufacturers such as IBM, Fujitsu and Xerox. If this alone doesn’t convince you to make the change to SpoolQ then take a look at seven of its many magnificent features…

1. Emailing
Output your 'print' jobs to email rather than just traditional print based hardware.

2. Accounting
Keep track of how much you and your users are 'spending' with accurate and detailed accounting reports.

3. Notification
Instantly find out by email, SMS, pager or printer when a job completes or if the output device goes offline.

4. Archiving
Dynamically archive 'print' jobs previously output to help avoid having to source them again.

5. Viewing
Avoid costly 're-prints' by checking the content of a 'print' job on-screen prior to output.

6. Sharing
Output your 'print' jobs faster and more efficiently by sharing them between or splitting them across multiple printers.

7. Cloning
Avoid having to source the same 'print' job multiple times by simultaneously 'cloning' it to multiple destinations.

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