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Minkz Mail Helps to Reduce Mailing Overheads of NHS Trust

Funasset, together with a leading hybrid mail service provider, have integrated a mail production solution for Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust (MTW)

The solution consolidates the Trust’s entire mail output (including PAS letters) while reducing mail production and delivery costs. It consists of two components…

  • Minkz Mail (developed by Funasset) – A software solution providing mail composition, validation, sorting, combining, management and reporting.
    A hybrid mail system developed by Funasset that provides mail printing, finishing, delivery and tracking.

MTW had originally intended to use just the hybrid mail system of a leading UK mail delivery company. However, due to NHS N3 network security restrictions it was not possible for staff to transmit their mail to the offsite hybrid mail system. Minkz Mail was therefore integrated to provide a single and secure point of connectivity to the system, and an interface for MTW staff to compose and manage their mail.

“By using Minkz Mail, benefitting from the third-party hybrid mail sysytem became possible for the Trust,” states Mark Dowson, Managing Director of Funasset. "In fact we are confident Minkz Mail would enable any hybrid mail system to be used by the NHS."

Prior to being transmitted to the hybrid mail sysytem, MTW’s mail is address and post code checked, sorted, and if necessary, combined by Minkz Mail. This high level of pre-processing limits returned mail, ensures the best postage discounts are attained, and eliminates multiple enveloped mail pieces being delivered to a recipient.

Another benefit of integrating Minkz Mail is that it enables an electronic copy of a patient’s letter to be automatically and seamlessly sent to their GP and/or consultant via the Docman system.

“Being able to send mail to Docman reduced the output and expense of printed mail considerably,” comments Mark. “Minkz Mail can even be configured to send an email of a letter to a patient. Maidstone hasn’t used this functionality but it is ready to go if and when they wish to see even more savings.”

The success of the combined Minkz Mail and third-party hybrid mail solution is measured in the savings MTW has made.

“In 2013 our mail production and delivery costs were reduced by 41%,” claims a representative of MTW’s Service Improvement Transformation Department.

If you would like to make your mail production more efficient and reduce associated overheads then contact Funasset now.

Click here to see more benefits of using Minkz Mail within an NHS Trust.

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