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Mail Markup

OMR & Barcode Software

Add OMR marks or 2D barcodes to your documents so they can be
used with a folder inserter
From £999 ex VAT

Benefits & Features

Accessible like a printer driver so it can be used with any document associated with a Windows application that can print (Mail Markup Office).

Continuously monitored input folders mean mail pieces can have OMR marks or 2D barcodes automatically applied with minimal or no user intervention (Mail Markup Pro).

Input folders can be shared so any number of network-connected users or software processes can benefit from the functionality of Mail Markup Pro.

Select from a wide range OMR configurations or specify your own for use with any folder inserter.

Integrated OMR and 2D barcode safety and parity checks ensure the correct quantity of sheets are always collated and inserted – perfect for sensitive and private documents.

Identify and apply OMR marks and 2D barcodes to any quantity of mail pieces contained in a single document.

Option to identify mail pieces contained in a document by number of pages or by a keyword means almost any document composition can have OMR marks or a 2D barcode correctly applied.

Extremely fast document processing means mail pieces are ready to print almost instantly. 4K+ mail pieces per minute (Mail Markup Pro).

Minimise print times by combining individual mail pieces into a single PDF document (Mail Markup Pro).

Preview facility allows you to see exactly how mail pieces have been identified and where OMR marks or a 2D barcode will be applied prior to printing.

An option to select digital inserts means mail pieces can have additional documents appended even when the folder inserter does not contain a supplement feeder (Mail Markup Pro).

Option to select supplement feeders (if available to the folder inserter) enables additional pre-printed documents to be included with each mail piece.

Output processed mail pieces to any printer for immediate use, or output to file for printing at any other time or location.

Scheduling facility means mail pieces can be processed and printed at the most convenient time (Mail Markup Pro).

Archive facility means processed mail pieces can be accessed at any time and if necessary printed again (Mail Markup Pro).

Command line enables your own applications to seamlessly benefit from the functionality of Mail Markup Pro.

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Mail Markup Pro Launched

Funasset have launched Mail Markup Pro, an enterprise application that automatically applies OMR marks to PDF documents so the mail pieces they contain can be prepared by folder inserter equipment.

System Requirements

All versions of Mail Markup are designed for Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, and 2008.