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Minkz Mail

Mail Production System

Reduce the overheads of your mailing process by up to 60%

Benefits & Features

Mailing overheads are significantly reduced (see Savings).

Central print system means users no longer require their own printer – reducing toner/ink, leasing, maintenance and operating costs.

Central print system means mail no longer needs to be collected from multiple locations, or taken to a post room or mail carrier in person.

Central print system keeps the carbon footprint of the mailing process to a minimum.

Secure login and SSL data encryption prevents unauthorised access and keeps mail confidential.

The higher discounts provided by the Royal Mail’s Business Mail services can be more easily attained...
- Mail from an entire organisation can be accumulated to meet minimum volume requirements.
- Addresses are validated to meet accuracy requirements.
- Mail is made machine-readable (normally with a Royal Mail Mailmark®) so the best discount is achieved.
- Mail is sorted.
- Tray labels and reports are generated.

OMR marks or 2D barcodes can be applied to mail so intelligent folder inserter equipment can be utilised, and users and post staff no longer need to manually fold, insert and seal mail.

A Royal Mail Mailmark® can be added to mail so the best postage discounts can be attained and associated online batch level reporting becomes available.

A web interface, print client and API means there is a Minkz Mail component to match almost any mail production requirement or infrastructure.

Browser-based and desktop interfaces mean mail can be composed and transmitted to the Minkz Mail server by anyone from almost anywhere.

Fully-featured word processor integrated within the web interface means expensive word-processing software licences can be reduced or eliminated.

Preview facility within the web interface and print client allows users to see exactly how mail will be printed.

API means in-house host applications can be used with Minkz Mail so existing mail composition processes, templates and output data can be retained.

Post code look-up via the Royal Mail’s PAF database means users can quickly apply addresses to mail pieces by simply specifying a post code.

Enterprise-wide system means corporate image and mail standards can be more easily maintained.

Mail can contain a barcode that can be scanned by an operator for reprinting and notifying the sender when returned undelivered.

PDF documents created using third-party applications can be automatically attached to mail.

Printed mail is automatically archived as a PDF meaning it can be viewed and re-printed at any time.

Recipients can receive emails instead of physical mail so the carbon footprint of the solution is further reduced.

Recipient names and addresses contained in mailing lists can be automatically applied to mail documents so bulk mailings are quick and easy.

Mail pieces for the same recipient can be combined for insertion in a single envelope so production and delivery costs are kept to a minimum.

Mail tracking allows users and administrators to monitor mail from creation to delivery.

An option to transmit mail to a third-party print and finishing facility such as a Xerox Service Delivery Centre (SDC) provides resilience and even more savings.

Support for Active Directories (LDAP) enables quick integration into corporate networks.

Browser-based operator and administrator interface means mail production and system administration can be controlled from almost anywhere.

Post codes can be checked for accuracy prior to posting to help ensure undeliverable mail is kept to a minimum.

To aid with administration, a summary sheet is printed that details the weight, number of items, geographic region and class of each batch of mail.

Accurate and comprehensive reporting allows administrators and management to monitor mail volumes and expenditure.

Web interface and print client can be “skinned” to match corporate image.

Use your own hardware or get Funasset to supply, install and configure it for you.

Integrated help and comprehensive user guide ensures users quickly and conveniently discover Minkz Mail functionality with minimal assistance or training.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification demonstrates Funasset are committed to ensuring the security and privacy of mail data.

Funasset is a certified supplier of on-site hybrid mail solutions for the public sector - Crown Commercial Service Postal Goods and Services (RM1063) LOT 2 On-Site Hybrid Mail.

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Funasset Become Accredited Software Supplier for Mailmark®

Royal Mail have tested and quality assured the eManifest and barcode element of our Minkz Mail software and deemed it suitable for use.

System Requirements

Minkz Mail is designed for Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, XP, Vista, 7 and 8

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