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Mail Production System

Reduce the overheads of your mailing process by up to 60%

How It Works

To enable your organisation to work the way it wants, and to ensure your mail is composed, printed and finished in the most efficient and cost-effective way, three Minkz Mail components are provided:

  • A web interface where mail is composed within an Internet browser using familiar word processing tools.
  • A print client that integrates mail into the Minkz Mail environment from any Windows application that can print.
  • An API that enables your own host applications to work seamlessly with Minkz Mail.
Minkz Mail process diagram

Whatever component(s) you use, mail is transmitted electronically to the Minkz Mail server where processes such as address validation, combining and sorting are performed. Mail is then sent to a printer and printed prior to being folded, inserted and sealed in an envelope ready for collection by a carrier and delivery by the Royal Mail!

Alternatively, processed mail can be transmitted from the Minkz Mail server to a third-party print and finishing facility such as a Xerox Service Delivery Centre (SDC). As a result, localised printing and finishing overheads are eliminated, and an alternative or DR mailing facility is always available.

Minkz Mail server process diagram

In addition to composing mail, the Minkz Mail web interface is also used for managing printer queues and print jobs, viewing archived (posted) mail, tracking mail, administering returned mail, maintaining user accounts, and generating volume and expenditure reports.

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Mail Discount

If your organisation can accumulate Royal Mail stipulated mail volumes, Minkz Mail can be configured to condition and, if eligible, sort each piece so the higher discount rates of a Royal Mail Business Mail service can be attained.

Click here to find out more about Royal Mail discount and how Minkz Mail can help you attain the higher rates.

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Funasset Become Accredited Software Supplier for Mailmark®

Royal Mail have tested and quality assured the eManifest and barcode element of our Minkz Mail software and deemed it suitable for use.

System Requirements

Minkz Mail is designed for Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, XP, Vista, 7 and 8

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