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TN Interface

Connectivity &
Data Processing

Connect normally incompatible hardware, and perform data processing tasks

Benefits & Features

Large number of supported connections means normally incompatible data source and destinations can be used together.

Large number of supported data formats means devices that would have normally been resticted to a specific data can now use any.

Can be seamlessly combined with Funasset's SpoolQ software in order to provide a flexible and feature-rich output management and distribution system.

Optional software modules allow you perform data processing tasks that would have normally been impossible or expensive to implement.

Parameter based configuration of connectivity and data processing provides complete flexibility and control.

Non-invasive solution means no software is installed on the data source and no software or hardware changes are required on the data source or destination.

Small footprint allows TN Interface hardware to be discreetly positioned - even under flooring or within cabinets.

Automatic and unsupervised connectivity and data processing means you and your staff can perform your normal duties without interuption.

Integrated and supported by a team with over 25 years experience in connectivity and data processing.

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System Requirements

The TN Interface hardware is supplied by Funasset and therefore meets the system requirements of the software it contains.

Your data source and destinations must have supported connections and data formats.