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Data Processing

Connect normally incompatible hardware, and perform data processing tasks


Eliminate pre-printed stationery by composing variable print data within documents created using any DTP, design or word processing package

Using pre-printed stationery presents four problems:

  • Storage - Reams of pre-printed stationery take up significant storage space.
  • Waste - When details such as telephone numbers and names change, reams of pre-printed stationery often become redundant.
    Cost - Press-ready artwork and printing costs can be substantial.
  • Printers - Pre-printed stationery loaded into a particular printer for one job, restricts its use by other jobs.

By taking advantage of today's digital printers, the requirement to use pre-printed stationery has become less of a necessity. Despite this, the print data output from certain mainframes and servers cannot be modified to include the pre-printed stationery element of the output. Furthermore, many document composition packages are too complicated to setup, maintain and operate - so much so that their advantages do not outweigh the cost of training staff.

To resolve this, Funasset's FormServer software module can be included with a TN Interface so pre-printed stationery can be quickly and easily replaced by an electronic equivalent.

The distinct advantage of FormServer is its ability to use documents created using any Windows-based DTP, design or word processing package such as Quark, Illustrator and Word.

Using third-party applications to generate the documents used by FormServer has three distinct advantages:

  • The cost of training staff is kept to a minimum.
  • Existing electronic stationery can be used.
  • The cost of FormServer is kept to a minimum because no WYSIWYG page layout functionality or support is required.

FormServer works by analysing the print data received by a TN Interface, and automatically conditioning and applying it to an applicable document overlay. The completed document is then output to a designated printer or can even be saved as a PDF.

Contact us now to find out more about how FormServer can be used to transform your output and help you eliminate pre-printed stationery.

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System Requirements

The TN Interface hardware is supplied by Funasset and therefore meets the system requirements of the software it contains.

Your data source and destinations must have supported connections and data formats.