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MailSort On Demand

Maximise Royal Mail postage discount by sorting your mail and/or making it machine-readable

If you post bulk volumes of letter* or large letter† mail items to UK recipients, it is likely you can benefit from discounts provided by the Royal Mail's Business Mail 1st Class and Business Mail (2nd Class) services.

Despite being able to use both services without preparing your mail in a particular way, the maximum discount available can only be attained by adhering to Royal Mail stipulations.

Use the Royal Mail's Mail Calculator to view savings that can be made.

*Letter: Mail item up to 240mm x 165mm x 5mm and a maximum weight of 100g.

†Large Letter: Mail item up to 345mm x 245mm x 25mm and a maximum weight of 750g.

Attaining the Savings

Despite the considerable savings you can gain from using a Business Mail 1st Class or Business Mail service, you must satisfy some or all of the following Royal Mail stipulations:

  • Items must be sorted up to a maximum of 88 ways as detailed in the Royal Mail Selection Files.
  • Addresses and post codes must be 90% accurate when compared to the Royal Mail PAF database.
  • Addresses must be printed with an OCR font or contain a barcode so they can be read by Royal Mail sorting machines.
  • Identifying labels for trays or bags must be printed.

Of course there are many software solutions available that prepare your mail to the Royal Mail's exacting standards,

Despite the considerable postage savings the sorting and machine readable options of the Business Mail 1st Class and Business Mail services offer, you may have discovered that off-the-shelf mail sorting software is incompatible with your host system and/or data.

To resolve this, Funasset's MailSort On Demand software module can be included with a TN Interface to enable you to maximise Royal Mail discount no matter what host system or data format you use.

MailSort On Demand works by identifying mail data received by a TN Interface then automatically conditioning it and sorting it. Following this, mail items, bag/tray labels and reports are printed in such a way that they are accepted and certified by the Royal Mail.

Contact us now to find out more about how Mailsort On Demand can be used to significantly reduce your postage overheads.

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System Requirements

The TN Interface hardware is supplied by Funasset and therefore meets the system requirements of the software it contains.

Your data source and destinations must have supported connections and data formats.