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TN Interface

Connectivity &
Data Processing

Connect normally incompatible hardware, and perform data processing tasks


To provide additional data processing, TN Interfaces can be supplied with the following optional software modules:

Module Name
Eliminate pre-printed stationery by composing variable print data within documents created using any DTP, design or word processing package.
Maximise Royal Mail postage discounts by sorting and conditioning your mail data.
Automatically perform post printing operator tasks, insert strings and "print" commands, and validate almost any type of data.
Substitute and/or delete specific data and any DJDE or PDL commands within “print” jobs without changing them at source.

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Reduce CTAX and NNDR Postage Costs

If you send large quantities of CTAX or NNDR mail, you could take advantage of the significant postage savings that the Royal Mail's WalkSort discount service provides

System Requirements

The TN Interface hardware is supplied by Funasset and therefore meets the system requirements of the software it contains.

Your data source and destinations must have supported connections and data formats.