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Connectivity &
Data Processing

Connect normally incompatible hardware, and perform data processing tasks


Automatically perform post printing operator tasks, insert strings and "print" commands, and validate almost any type of data

The process of manually identifying and removing pages, splitting, decollating and collating jobs can be time-consuming, frustrating and repetitive for you or your staff. Furthermore, inserting additional data or print commands within a job or deciding upon the best destination may not be possible or appropriate.

To resolve this, Funasset's PageBuilder software module can be included with a TN Interface to provide automated, on-the-fly page identification and manipulation of print data.

PageBuilder works by analysing data received by a TN Interface for specific user-defined strings. When a string or a sequence of strings on a page is identified, one or more of the following actions is performed:

  • Split the data into separate jobs, before or after the identified page.
  • Index the identified page.
  • Delete the identified page.
  • Copy any data from the identified page.
  • Insert additional data and print commands anywhere within the identified page.
  • Analyse data previously parsed on the identified page.
  • Automatically hold and release the job within SpoolQ.

PageBuilder continues to search for strings within the data and performs any of the actions above until all the data has been analysed.

PageBuilder can be used for any one of the following procedures:

  • Automatically perform post-printing operator tasks such as page removal, job splitting, decollating and collating.
  • Validate data to ascertain whether or where it should be output.
  • Automatically split and/or route specific types of data to specific destinations or queues within SpoolQ, i.e. invoices to one printer, statements to another.
  • Insert DJDE or other printer control commands on a page by page basis.
  • Extract data for the purposes of accounting, management and routing.

Contact us now to find out more about how PageBuilder can be used to identify and manipulate your data.

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System Requirements

The TN Interface hardware is supplied by Funasset and therefore meets the system requirements of the software it contains.

Your data source and destinations must have supported connections and data formats.