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AutoFORM Archive

AutoFORM Archive helps to eliminate tedious filing, copying and document distribution costs and delays, by automatically capturing and indexing documents as they go to print. Find out more
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FormScape is a document composition, management and storage system that has been superceeded by Transform. Despite this IDS are able to provide consultancy, project development, training and support for existing FormScape users. Find out more
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LaserNet is a Windows application that integrates with ERP, CRM, supply chain and other IT processes to provide an output management solution that encompasses many processes including design, distribution, viewing and archiving. Find out more


MailServ is an IDS service that allows users to benefit from Royal Mail postage discounts on an ad-hoc basis. Find out more
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Mail Markup

Mail Markup is a Windows application that provides a quick and convenient way to add OMR marks and 2D barcodes to mail documents so they can be used with a folder inserter. Find out more
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Minkz Mail

Minkz Mail is an enterprise mail composition, management and printing (hybrid mail) system that reduces mailing overheads and streamlines mail workflow.
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Paris is a software suite that includes components to create professional looking documents, automate composition, and control fast delivery to the correct destination. Find out more
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SilentPrint is a batch printing application that significantly reduces the time it takes and tedium involved in printing large volumes of Windows-based documents. Find out more
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SpoolQ centrally manages high volume stream and job based "print" data, and distributes it to a wide range of local or remote destinations such as printers and archives. Find out more
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TN Interface

TN Interface is a hardware and software system that connects normally incompatible host and destination devices, and performs a range of data processing tasks. Find out more
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Transform is a document composition, management and archive system that delivers and stores critical transactional documents. Find out more
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Xerox Mail

Xerox Mail is a hybrid mailing system that is developed by Funasset and supplied and supported by IDS for Xerox. It frees users from the burden of printing, finishing and posting mail while still achieving next-day or 2-day delivery.
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