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AutoFORM Archive

AutoFORM Archive eliminates tedious filing, copying and document distribution costs and delays, by automatically capturing and indexing documents as they go to print. This makes them instantly available for viewing within your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, via the web, or from the built-in interface.

By integrating AutoFORM Archive, your managers, staff and even your customers can gain instant access to the information they require, wherever they are located!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Operator intervention is not required because AutoFORM Archive automates the entire archiving process.
  • Fast document retrieval and sophisticated architectural storage makes it ideal for high volume, long term storage applications.
  • Documents automatically linked to ERP screens so users can simply key in a document reference to view them on screen instantly.
  • Search for documents via a web browser interface using name, reference, address, date, budget holder and any number of other classifications you choose.
  • Electronic notes - with automated author, date & time stamp - can be linked to each document to maintain an audit of any queries and agreed resolutions.
  • Resolve customer and supplier queries quickly with the ability to email copy documents while you are still talking on the phone.
  • Customers, suppliers and remote workers can collect their own document copies from a secure portal on your website.
  • Can be installed in less than a day and does not require changes to be made to your ERP system.

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