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LaserNet is a Windows application that integrates with your ERP, CRM, supply chain and other IT processes to provide an output management solution that encompasses many processes including design, distribution, viewing and archiving.

Documents can be easily customised to include any typeface, logo, graphic, barcode and watermark and can be output in a variety of formats including PCL, PDF, TIFF, XML and ebXML. Distribution-wise, the documents can be sent as print, fax, email, ftp, http, edi and sms. Special text, messages or images can appear for different recipients and no programming expertise is required to create quality documents or reports.

Any Windows document design application such as Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word can be used to create overlays that LaserNet applies variable output data to.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Can be implemented with no changes to the host or other data source applications.
  • Accepts any input format like XML, ASCII, FILE and print.
  • Distribute finished documents to any printer.
  • Distribute finished documents to where they are required.
  • Deliver XML, print, pfd, mail, fax, ftp, RTF, File, EDI-types.
  • Receive external XML, PDF, MS-Excel, Ascii, TXT files and integrate automatically with your host IT-application.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Unique conditional data rearrange facility.
  • Repagination of standard system output.
  • Page compression with dynamic page numbering.
  • Use ODBC to add data from external sources not present in the "print" data.
  • Supports advanced calculations.
  • Supports language conversion, graphical representation of data and insertion of variable images.
  • Full support for all kinds of barcodes.
  • Archive all your incoming & outgoing documents.
  • View your documents from any location using a web browser.
  • Includes comprehensive document authorisation & email flow facilities.
  • Includes output management and archiving, search and retrieval facilities as standard.

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Product Videos

Lasernet Output Management Short Introduction

LaserNet for Microsoft Dynamics AX (Administrator)

LaserNet for Microsoft Dynamics AX (User)

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