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If you need to send bulk mail items to UK addresses on an ad-hoc basis, or don't have the budget for investing in suitable mail software, MailServ is a great way for you to benefit from the discount provided by the Royal Mail's Business Mail 1st Class and Business Mail services.

MailServ is a service provided by IDS that uses the proven mail sorting and conditioning functionality of industry-certified software solutions. After sending IDS your mail data*, it is sorted (volume dependant) and conditioned to the Royal Mail's exacting standards then returned to you ready for printing, finishing and posting. It couldn't be simpler!

*NOTE: IDS have many years experience handling private, confidential and sensitive data for clients that include banks, law firms and insurance companies. The entire MailServ process is performed within a secure facility where only task critical staff have access to the data. Furthermore, IDS is ISO 27001 Certified.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Best solution for small and ad-hoc mailings.
  • No need for you to invest in sorting software†.
  • No staff training required.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Almost any mail data format can be sorted and conditioned.
  • Mail data managed within a secure, ISO 27001 certified environment.

†NOTE: Mail software such as MailSort On Demand or Minkz Mail can normally provide an immediate or short ROI. It is therefore advised you consider investing in a software solution if you intend to post more than 20,000 items of mail per annum.

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