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Xerox Mail

Xerox Mail is a hybrid mail service and a complete solution for composing, printing, finishing and delivering your mail. It could also save you up to 60% on your overall postal costs while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Developed by Funasset, and integrated and supported by IDS for Xerox, the system allows you to send physical mail directly from your laptop or PC and achieve next-day delivery.

Xerox take care of the printing, production and postage of your mail allowing you to consolidate these costs into one single cheaper payment. You’ll also cut back on the time and hassle involved when producing your mail.

How it Works

Using Xerox Mail is simple...

  1. Prepare your mail using the Xerox Mail web interface or your own off-the-shelf or bespoke application.
  2. Transmit your mail to a Xerox SDC (Service Delivery Centre) using the Xerox Mail web interface, print driver or API. Here your mail is printed, inserted into pre-paid envelopes and sorted ready for delivery by the Royal Mail.

Ideal for any business or organisation, Xerox Mail offers a dynamic desktop to delivery service at a keystroke. Whether it’s a cost effective, time-saving, or eco-friendly mailing solution you’re looking for - or all of these - Xerox Mail has something for you.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cost savings of up to 60% on the overall price of sending mail.
  • No stamps or franking machines, no trips to the local post office, no missing the postman, and no running out of envelopes and headed paper.
  • Access from anywhere with an Internet connection means your entire organisation, including home workers and remote staff, can write and post mail.
  • Options to post mail using a web interface, print driver or API means Xerox Mail is compatible with almost any operating environment.
  • Increased brand consistency and control through management of letter templates, logo and font use.
  • Improved address accuracy via postal address validation helps to ensure mail is delivered.
  • Detailed reporting allows you to accurately monitor your mail volumes, bad addresses and returned mail.
  • No requirement to collect mail and move it around the country, 100% recycled paper and duplex printing all help to reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80%.
  • No requirement for printing and finishing equipment means associated leasing and consumable overheads are abolished, and valuable office space becomes available.
  • Archive means you can view any mail item posted using Xerox Mail at anytime and from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Create and post letters and full-colour marketing material such as flyers, appointment cards, and post cards.

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