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Archiving & Scanning

Eliminate your paper-based filing and make your documents and records available anywhere

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If you store paper-based documents using a traditional filing cabinet system you will already know how much office space is wasted and how difficult and time consuming it can be to locate individual or related documents.

Your staff may have to retrieve documents from a distant office, ask for copies to be sent from a remote building or never find what they are looking for because the document is lost, misplaced or filed incorrectly. Furthermore, securing paper-based systems can also be difficult, allowing non-authorised users to have access to sensitive information at will.

In addition to these common problems, locating the relevant information you require within a document can be equally frustrating and time consuming.

IDS can provide you with an archiving and scanning solution to enable you to eliminate your filing cabinets, securely store your documents and records, and locate them and any information contained within, quickly, easily and from any location.

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Archiving & scanning solution

Other functionality such as output management and document composition is also included with the solution to further enhance your operation.

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Contact us now to find out more about an IDS archiving and scanning solution, or visit the AutoFORM Archive and Transform pages.

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