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Document Composition

Improve the visual impact and response rate of your documents, and eliminate the need for pre-printed stationery

Whether you already use a document composition or form design application, or rely on pre-printed stationery for presenting your documents, it is likely you have experienced one or more of the following problems...

  • Creating or modifying document overlays can be difficult, time consuming and costly, especially if the process involves some form of coding or a non-WYSIWYG design process.
  • Implementing visual elements within your overlays to improve recipient response rates and make best use of the latest digital printers may be difficult or impossible using your existing “print” data, host, or design software.
  • Pre-printed stationery needs to be stored in sufficient quantities so supplies do not run dry. Not only does this mean valuable storage space is wasted but also the stationery itself if a change to its content is required.
  • The cost of press-ready artwork and printing can be expensive, especially if changes to the stationery are frequent.
    Pre-printed stationery loaded in a printer or printer tray for one job restricts its use by other jobs.

IDS can help you overcome these problems by integrating a document composition solution to allow you to quickly create document overlays and produce professional output no matter what your data format, host or delivery destination!

Document Composition diagram

Document composition solution

With a choice of industry-leading applications, all backed up by comprehensive support and optional training, you can be certain IDS has a solution to suit your individual needs, budget and production environment.

In no time your customer and supplier-facing documents will have the visual impact needed to improve your company image, increase response rates and banish your pre-printed stationery forever!

Other functionality such as archiving, output management, mail sorting and data processing can also be integrated with the solution to further enhance your operation.

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Contact us now to find out more about an IDS document composition solution, or visit the FormServer, LaserNet, Paris and Transform pages.

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