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Host Connectivity

Connect your host to normally incompatible destinations

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Being unable to connect a mainframe or server to certain destinations such as networks, printers, workstations and the e-Environment (email, Web and fax) is a common problem. Furthermore, the data format native to the host maybe incompatible with the destination, magnifying the connectivity problem even more.

For these reasons you may be restricted to using the same connection type and data format when connecting your host to a destination. As a result, you are unable to benefit from the latest destination technology and sharing your host data with other businesses processes and applications is difficult or impossible.

To address this problem, IDS can provide you with a solution to attach your host to one or more normally incompatible destinations and correctly convert the data that passes between the two.

Host Connectivity diagram

Host connectivity solution

An IDS host connectivity solution is non-invasive meaning no software, hardware or data modifications and additions are required on your host, and your business processes can continue uninterupted. Furthermore, the solution's small footprint enables it to be discreetly positioned almost anywhere.

Other functionality such as archiving, output management, mail sorting, document composition and data processing can also be integrated with the solution to further enhance your operation.

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Contact us now to find out more about the IDS host connectivity solution, or visit the TN Interface product pages.

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