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Hybrid Mail

Establish Your Own Hybrid Mail System

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Do you require a hybrid mail system that will allow users to compose physical mail then transmit it to your facility for printing, finishing then posting? If you do then Funasset has the experience and expertise to deliver everything from a consultancy service to an end-to-end solution.

Having developed and integrated document and mail solutions for global businesses and organisations for more than 25 years, Funasset are well placed to advise on and provide the best hybrid mail solution for your requirements. Indeed, a leading UK mail delivery company commissioned us in 2008 to develop and manage what is now one of the UK’s leading hybrid mail system which processes millions of mail pieces each year. Hybrid Mail diagram

Key Features

Here are some of the key features a hybrid mail system from Funasset could include...

  • Browser-based interface to allow your customers to compose then transmit mail to your facility, manage their account and make payment.
  • Print driver to allow your customers to use any Windows desktop application to transmit mail to your facility.
  • Application programming interface (API) to allow your customers to transmit mail to your facility directly from their own applications.
  • iOS and Android applications to allow your customers to use a smart phone to compose then transmit mail to your facility.
  • Address cleansing to help ensure only accurate mail is posted.
  • Mail combining and sorting so bulk mail discount (or similar) provided by your country's postal service can be achieved.
  • OMR mark or 2D barcode insertion so folding and inserting equipment can be used.
  • Ability to scan returned mail so the customer is notified,the problem can be corrected and the mail posted again.
  • Mail tracking so you and the customer know exactly where a mail piece is at any time during the delivery process.
  • A management, billing and reporting interface so you have complete control over how the hybrid mail system is used.
  • Dedicated support team with years of experience dealing with hybrid mail systems.
  • Any other feature to satisfy your individual requirements.

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Find Out More

If you would like to establish your own hybrid mail system and benefit from the considerable profits that can be attained from this increasingly popular method of composing, printing, finishing and posting mail, then contact us now.

Click here to read a case study about how we developed a leading hybrid mail system.

Click here to find out more about our software development services.

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