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Mail Discount

Maximise the discount received from the
Royal Mail by ensuring your mail is sorted, machine-readable and accurate

Mail Discount

If you post bulk mail items such as bills, statements, and other non-publishing or advertising correspondence, you can benefit from discounts provided by the Royal Mail's Business Mail 1st Class and Business Mail services.

In order to maximise the discount these services offer, you must sort your mail, prepare it so it can be read by Royal Mail sorting machines, and ensure addresses are accurate.

If you can adhere to these requirements as well as a minimum mail volume, considerable postage savings can be made day-in, day out.

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Obtaining Discount

Despite the signifcant discounts available when mail is sorted, machine-readable and accurate, you may have discovered the software required to prepare it to the Royal Mail's exacting standards is:

  • Difficult to install and maintain.
  • Incompatible with your mail data, application and/or host.
  • Incompatible with your mail production policies and procedures.
  • Reliant on dedicated operators.

To resolve this, IDS can provide you with an automated, non-intrusive software solution that conditions and sorts any mail data sourced from any host, so the maximum amount of discount can be received for your circumstance.

Alternatively, if you don't have the budget to invest in a software solution, your mail can be prepared by IDS then returned to you for printing, finishing and posting.

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Find Out More

Contact us now to find out more about an IDS mail discount solution, or visit the MailServ, MailSort On Demand and Minkz Mail pages.

Click here for details about an IDS mail production solution.

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