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Mail Production

Manage, print and distribute your mail more effectively and reduce associated overheads

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If you post mail in significant quantities you will appreciate how expensive the process can be. Not only does it cost you to get the mail delivered by the Royal Mail, other factors such as printing it on desktop printers, moving it to a post room, and manually folding then inserting into envelopes all adds to the expense. Furthermore, if your staff are responsible for the composition of their own mail, maintaining corporate document and paper standards can also be difficult.

IDS offer a range of solutions to help you to empower your mail production in the following ways:

  • Retrieve mail from any local or remote source then manage it from a single, central location.
  • Print mail on the most cost-effective printer(s).
  • Automatically email certain items of mail instead of printing them.
  • Archive mail for later retrieval and if necessary printing and posting again.
  • Sort and condition mail to benefit from discounts provided by the Royal Mail.
  • Create mail that can be read by Royal Mail sorting equipment.
  • Flag and correct inaccurate addresses.
  • Track mail items and keep track of costs with detailed reporting.
  • Add OMR marks to mail items so they can be folded then inserted into envelopes by folder inserter equipment.
  • Scan and manage returned mail.
  • Detach yourself from the entire mail printing, finishing and posting process by using a third-party company.

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Mail production solutions

By using one or more of the above solutions, your mailing overheads will be kept to an absolute minimum, and your production process will become more streamlined and manageable.

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Contact us now to find out more about an IDS mail production solution, or visit the Mail Markup, MailSort On Demand and Minkz Mail pages.

Click here for details about an IDS mail discount solution.

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