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Output Management

Take control of your output no matter where it orginates, and distribute it anywhere

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If you are involved in production printing or the output and distribution of electronic or paper documents, it is important you have a management and delivery system capable of handling all your "print" data, whatever the volume and no matter where it originates from or needs to be distributed to.

IDS can provide you with a flexible and feature-rich output management solution that combines the necessary connectivity hardware and software to enable your stream or job-based "print" data to be centrally managed and automatically or manually routed to any local or remote destination.

Output Management diagram

Output management solution

In addition to the management and delivery capabilities of the solution, facilities such accounting, load balancing and job viewing are also available. Other functionality such as archiving, mail sorting, document composition and data processing can also be integrated with the solution to further enhance your operation.

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Contact us now to find out more about an IDS output management solution, or visit the LaserNet, SpoolQ and Transform pages.

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SpoolQ allows you to centrally manage high volume stream and job based "print" data and distribute it to a wide range of local or remote destinations such as printers and archives.
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Transform is a document composition, management and archive system that allows you to deliver and store critical transactional documents. Read more