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Car Dealerships

Significantly Reduce the Cost of Mailing Your Customers and Suppliers

Many car dealerships continue to use physical mail as a way of communicating with their customers and suppliers. Whether it’s an invoice, a marketing leaflet or a service reminder, traditional mail often reigns supreme over email, SMS and phone communication.

If your car dealership relies on putting paper in the post, you are undoubtedly aware of the associated overheads…

  • Time spent by staff preparing mail for delivery
  • Royal Mail delivery charge
  • Printer click or consumable costs
  • Paper and envelope costs

These overheads are extremely costly. So much so that getting a single mail piece delivered can be around £1. However, there is a way you can significantly reduce this cost – sometimes by more than 60%!

By using Funasset’s Minkz Mail system, time spent by staff preparing mail can be minimised, the Royal Mail delivery charge can be reduced, a more cost-effective printing system can be used, and expensive pre-printed stationery and inappropriate envelopes can be eliminated.

Minkz Mail is a desktop to delivery mailing solution that will help to ensure your mail is composed, managed and delivered in the most cost effective way possible. Your car dealership alone can benefit from the savings Minkz Mail provides but by combining mail from other car dealerships in your chain even greater savings can be attained.

Click here to find out more about how Minkz Mail can be used to significantly reduce the mailing overheads of your car dealership and every car dealership in your chain.

Using a Third-party to Print and Finish Your Mail

If you would like to reduce your mailing overheads but would prefer a third-party to undertake the printing and finishing of your mail, then a Xerox Service Delivery Centre (SDC) could be the ideal solution.

Other Solutions

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