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Local Government

Significantly Reduce the Cost and Carbon Footprint of Your Mailing Process

Ideal Shared Service Solution

Almost every local government office and department generates and posts physical mail on a daily basis. If each one is responsible for printing, finishing then posting their own mail, huge savings can be made by centralising each of these processes.

Minkz Mail is an end-to-end mailing solution capable of processing the entire mail output of a local government authority with ease. Staff, together with host application mailing processes, transmit mail documents and data to a central Minkz Mail server for printing and finishing.

Minkz process diagram

Time and money spent by staff printing and finishing their own mail is eliminated, while the volume requirements of the higher discounted Royal Mail Business Mail services are more easily achieved because mail from all offices and departments is consolidated. Even your existing mail document templates and composition applications such as Word can continue to be used.

Processes such as address validation, combining mail pieces for the same recipient, and applying 2D barcodes or OMR marks so folder inserter equipment can be used, all help to minimise costs and maximise efficiency.

Depending on mail volume, savings of around 60% can be attained!

The Environment in Mind

Using Minkz Mail helps to minimise the carbon footprint of your mailing process in the following ways:

  • An option to email mail instead of printing and posting it.
  • Mail is printed using a single departmental or production printer instead of many office and desktop printers.
  • Multiple mail pieces for the same recipient can be combined in a single envelope.
  • Addresses are checked for accuracy so undeliverable mail is minimal.
  • Plain paper stock is used instead of pre-printed stationery so paper is not wasted when pre-printed content changes.

Services Shared: Costs Spared

Minkz Mail is an ideal shared service solution and can be used collaboratively by any number of local government authorities. This means CTAX, NNDR, transactional, and back office mail produced by all shared service partners can be printed and finished at a central location.

Using Minkz Mail as a shared service allows each partner to benefit from considerable cost savings and a reduction in their carbon footprint. It also means only one Minkz Mail integration is required, keeping purchase, setup and support costs to a minimum.

Full reporting is included with Minkz Mail so you know exactly what each shared service partner printed and how much they need to be billed.

Find Out More

Click here to find out more about how Minkz Mail can significantly reduce the mailing overheads and carbon footprint of local government.

Click here to read the Hybrid Mail Customer Guidance Notes published by the Government Procurement Service.

Using a Third-party to Print and Finish Your Mail

If you would like to reduce your mailing overheads and carbon footprint but would prefer a third-party to perform the printing and finishing, then a Xerox Service Delivery Centre (SDC) is the perfect solution.

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Key Benefits & Features
  • Mail is made machine-readable, sorted, and addresses are checked for accuracy so Royal Mail Business Mail discount requirements are met.
  • A web application, print client and API means there is a Minkz interface to match almost any mail production requirement or infrastructure.
  • Browser-based and desktop interfaces mean mail can be composed and transmitted to Minkz by anyone with an Internet connection.
  • API means in-house host applications can be used with Minkz so existing mail composition processes, templates and data can be retained.
  • Printed mail is automatically archived as a PDF meaning it can be viewed and re-printed at any time.
  • Mail can be emailed instead of printed and posted to help minimise your carbon footprint.
  • Full reporting means you know exactly who is using Minkz and what they are using it for.
  • Browser-based operator and administrator interface means mail production processes and system administration can be performed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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