Manage and distribute output whatever the data source and destination

In demanding print production environments, you need an output management and distribution system that can do it all - route output between local and remote devices, handle high-volume demand, and offer a simple, yet powerful interface to minimize operator error and maximize performance.

SpoolQ is a proven and trusted software solution that can do all this and more. By taking advantage of the connectivity and data processing provided by Funasset's TN Interface, SpoolQ can be integrated within environments where output management and distribution would have previously been impossible.

SpoolQ is a software application that is installed on a TN8000. The TN8000 provides the connectivity and data processing, while SpoolQ provides an interface for managing output received from one or more data sources such as a mainframe or server.

When output data is recieved by a TN8000, it is pre-processed then automatically placed in a SpoolQ queue as a "print ready" job. From here it is manually or automatically distributed to any connected destination such as a printer or archive.

Optional TN Interface modules can be utilised before or after data is received by SpoolQ. This enables your organisation to empower its data and perform operations that make full use of the intended destination. For example, legacy stream data could be processed as follows:

  • Data is split into separate "print ready" jobs.
  • Additional data added and unwanted data removed from each job.
  • Jobs sorted so a Royal Mail discount service can be used.
  • Jobs composed to a full colour letterhead template.
  • "Print ready" jobs placed in SpoolQ queues that correspond to the most suitable destination.
  • Jobs output to full colour production printers and an archive.

By using SpoolQ and a TN Interface, the way you manage and process your output is almost limitless.


  • Compatible with any data source, destination and data format supported by a TN Interface means you can benefit from output management and distribution within almost any environment.
  • Any number of input and output queues can be defined to provide access to a limitless range of data sources and destinations.
  • Queues can be configured for manual or automatic processing of received jobs in order to provide as much control or automation as required.
  • Compatible with all TN Interface modules so data processing operations such composition, splitting, sorting, collation and validation can be performed pre or post management.
  • Automatically add banner pages to jobs so they can be easily separated from other jobs.
  • No limit to the size of job or number of jobs ensures even the most demanding of workloads can be handled with ease.
  • Automatically add banner pages to jobs so they can be easily separated from other jobs.
  • No limit to the size of job or number of jobs ensures even the most demanding of workloads can be handled with ease.
  • Large jobs can be simultaneously output at multiple destinations to dramatically improve completion times.
  • Ability to output specific pages within a job minimises the amount of consuambles and click charges.
  • Multi-destination distribution means jobs can be simultaneously output to one or more printers, an archive and even email.
  • Non-invasive solution means no software needs to be installed on the data source, and no software or hardware changes are required at the data source ot destination.
  • Enhanced mouse control ensures jobs are placed in the correct queue and not output at the wrong destination.
  • SMS notification of completed or failed jobs means operators know the status of jobs no matter where they are.
  • Jobs are archived following output so they can be accessed again at any time.
  • Ability to view jobs exactly how they will be output helps to prevent problematic jobs ever reaching their destination.
  • User definable accounting information is generated so you know exactly what has been output, where it was output, and who it originated from.

SpoolQ is installed on TN Interface hardware which is supplied by Funasset and therefore meets the system requirements.

Your data source and destinations must have supported connections and data formats.

The cost of SpoolQ is dependant on the TN Interface connectivity and modules necessary to meet your requirements.

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Output a Job to Multiple Destinations

A feature called Cloning has been added to SpoolQ, which allows jobs to be sent to multiple destinations simultaneously. This means that a job could be archived to disk at the same time as being output to a laser printer, or emailed to a remote user

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