TN Interface

Connect normally incompatible hardware and perform data processing tasks

TN Interface

Since the early days of computing there has often been a problem linking one type of device to another. For example, connecting a mainframe with an IBM Channel BUS and TAG connection to a remote printer attached to a TCP/IP network is not only physically impossible, but the data sent by one cannot be understood by the other. For this reason, businesses and organisations are often restricted to using the same manufacturer or connection type when connecting devices.

To address this problem, Funasset's TN Interface provides a simple means of attaching a device with one type of connection to a device with another and correctly converting and processing the data that passes between the two.

A TN Interface is a PC that contains connectivity hardware and software, and optional data processing modules. Three versions are available, with each one offering different levels of connectivity.

TN Interfaces can be located descretely between a data source such as a server or mainframe and one or more destinations such as a printer or archive. Once configured they provide automated and often unsupervised connectivity, data conversion and data processing, allowing you to benefit from data source and destinations that would have previously been incompatible.

TN Interface

TN Interfaces support any combination of the following data source and destination connections...

Source (Input) Destination (Output)
Bull PDSI Centronics/Dataproducts
Centronics/Dataproducts File/Mapped Drive
File/Mapped Drive IBM Channel BUS & TAG
IBM Channel Parallel
ICL OSLAN Serial PC Port
ICL Peripheral Interface Serial Remote
Serial PC Port Sockets
Siemens Type 2
TCP/IP (FTP, Telnet, LPR)

TN Interfaces support the following data formats...

LCDS Magnetic Tape Metacode
Postscript VLR XML

To provide additional data processing, TN Interfaces can be supplied with the following optional software modules...

Module Name Description
FormServer Eliminate pre-printed stationery by composing variable print data within documents created using any DTP, design or word processing package.
MailSort On Demand Maximise Royal Mail postage discounts by sorting and conditioning your mail data.
PageBuilder Automatically perform post printing operator tasks, insert strings and "print" commands, and validate almost any type of data.
StreamEdit Substitute and/or delete specific data and any DJDE or PDL commands within “print” jobs without changing them at source.
  • Large number of supported connections means normally incompatible data source and destinations can be used together.
  • Large number of supported data formats means devices that would have normally been resticted to a specific data can now use any.
  • Can be seamlessly combined with Funasset's SpoolQ software in order to provide a flexible and feature-rich output management and distribution system.
  • Optional software modules allow you perform data processing tasks that would have normally been impossible or expensive to implement.
  • Parameter based configuration of connectivity and data processing provides complete flexibility and control.
  • Non-invasive solution means no software is installed on the data source and no software or hardware changes are required on the data source or destination.
  • Small footprint allows TN Interface hardware to be discreetly positioned - even under flooring or within cabinets.
  • Automatic and unsupervised connectivity and data processing means you and your staff can perform your normal duties without interuption.
  • Integrated and supported by a team with over 30 years experience in connectivity and data processing.


From £2,000.00
  • From £2,400.00 inc. VAT
  • TN3000
  • Connections 1*
  • Operating System MS-DOS
  • SpoolQ included No
  • PageBuilder included No
From £6,000.00
  • From £7,200.00 inc. VAT
  • TN6000
  • Connections 1*
  • Operating System Windows
  • SpoolQ included No
  • PageBuilder included No
From £9,000.00
  • From £10,800.00 inc. VAT
  • TN8000
  • Connections Multiple
  • Operating System Windows
  • SpoolQ included Yes
  • PageBuilder included Yes

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