Funasset Work with Xerox to Provide Hybrid Mail Solutions

Funasset Work with Xerox to Provide Hybrid Mail Solutions

In recent years, Funasset has worked closely with Xerox to provide hybrid mail solutions for a wide range of businesses and organisations including the NHS.

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During these partnerships, Funasset has provided the hybrid mail software and server technology along with second line support while Xerox has provided the printing and finishing equipment together with first line support.

Mark Dowson, Managing Director for Funasset states: "Our hybrid mail team work closely with Xerox and the client to ensure the best mailing solution is implemented. We ensure mail templates meet corporate standards and we often implement bespoke solutions to meet individual client requirements."

The hybrid mail solutions that Funasset and Xerox implement focus on saving money and streamlining the mail production process. Recently solutions have also enabled clients to securely send correspondence by email and SMS (including WhatsApp) instead of or alongside traditional printed and posted mail.

To find out more about how Funasset's partnership with Xerox has helped a number of clients, please have a read of the following Xerox case studies:
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