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Discover how our hybrid mail solution can help you establish your own b2b and/or b2c business

Used by mail service providers in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Australia

Hybrid Mail

Building Your Own Hybrid Mail Service

If you operate a business that has the resources and infrastructure to print and finish large volumes of mail, our hybrid mail solution is exactly what you need to establish a profitable b2b and b2c service.

In the space of just a few years we have helped a number of organisations build their own hybrid mail service including Xerox, Australia Post and Hybrid Mail Solutions (who featured on Ireland's Dragon's Den). Our experience and expertise was also used by a leading UK mail and parcel carrier to establish one of the first hybrid mail solutions that now processes millions of mail pieces each day.

In essence, all you need to do is provide the premises, staff and the print and finishing equipment. We supply the server, software and expertise for your customers to create mail and for you to receive, manage and print it.

Your customers simply carry on composing their mail documents in the normal way but instead of printing them they transmit them to your hybrid mail system using one of three components. Here the mail is sorted (so the best mail carrier discounts can be gained) and combined (so same recipient mail is posted together). Finishing and mail marks are then added prior to the mail being printed, folded, and inserted and sealed in an envelope ready for collection and delivery by a mail carrier.

For further information about our hybrid mail solution, refer to Hybrid Mail Integration.

Hybrid Mail

Key Components

To enable your customers to work the way they want, and to ensure their mail is composed, printed and finished in the most efficient and cost-effective way, three hybrid mail components are provided:

Web Interface

Enables mail to be composed within an Internet browser using familiar word processing tools, and also provides an interface for administering the system.

Print Client

Used in a similar way to a printer driver to enable mail to be composed and intergrated into the hybrid mail system using any Windows application that can print.


Enables your customer's own applications to work seamlessly with the hybrid mail system.

Key Benefits

For You

  • With a continual influx of mail, your print and finishing equipment is utilised more fully.
  • Used by many businesses and organisations so you are assured it can meet expected data security requirements and handle any volume of mail with ease.
  • Mail marks (including the Royal Mail's MailmarkĀ®) can be added to mail so the best postage discounts can be achieved to maximise your profit margin.
  • The solution's web interface enables you to easily manage mail and administer the entire system from almost anywhere.
  • The option to pay for the solution outright or on a per click basis means you can build a hybrid mail service that suits your cashflow.
  • Comprehensive and bespoke reports ensure you can easily monitor usage and expenditure.

For Your Customers

  • Streamlines mail production and reduces mailing costs by up to 60%.
  • Overheads are kept to a minimum due to no longer needing to perform manual mail operations like inserting and sealing in an envelope, and franking or applying a stamp.
  • Mail for the same recipient from the same sender can be automatically combined in the same envelope helping to further reduce postage costs.
  • Existing mail composition software can be retained so your customers do not require training or instruction.
  • Mono and full colour, and different mail sizes and delivery classes means there is a mailing solution for any budget or requirement.
  • Undeliverable mail can be returned to sender or you so the recipient address can be updated and the mail resent.

For a full list of benefits, refer to Hybrid Mail Integration

Latest News

Electronic Delivery Service Added to Hybrid Mail
Electronic Delivery Service Added to Hybrid Mail

With an increasing demand for organisations to cut operating costs and reduce their impact on the environment, sending correspondence digitally instead of printing and posting it is no longer a desire but instead a necessity. Funasset's Hybrid Mail solution now includes an Electronic Delivery Service that satisfies this requirement without compromising privacy or the way correspondence is presented.

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