Start-rite Improves its Output Management and Distribution

Start-rite Improves its Output Management and Distribution

With the integration of a new Windows Server and a number of desktop laser printers, Start-rite turned to IDS to improve the management and distribution of its print jobs.


Start-rite was established in 1792 and is the oldest shoe manufacturer in England . They are a family owned business with its head office in Norwich where their printing operation is housed.


Start-rite wanted to take the print data from their VME mainframe and newly integrated Windows server and distribute it to their Xerox DP65 printer, a number of newly integrated desktop laser printers, and if necessary FormScape, email and fax.

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Start-rite turned to IDS for a solution following the successful integration of their document composition and digital printing system. For details about the previous Start-rite integration, please refer to Start-rite Improves its Product Presentment.

To solve the Start-rite challenge, IDS needed to make minor configuration changes to the previously installed Funasset SpoolQ system.

Having previously integrated TCP/IP connectivity within the Start-rite print operation, connecting the SpoolQ system to the Windows server, the desktop laser printers, and Start-rite’s email and fax system was not an issue.

"The simplicity and flexibility of SpoolQ enabled us to make the necessary changes quickly and easily," states Rob Webb, Senior Consultant for IDS. "We just added a few more input and output queues to SpoolQ and the new print operation was ready to go!"

Print data sourced from both the VME mainframe and Windows server could now be output to any printer, Formscape project and even Start-rite's email and fax system.

Once received, certain print jobs were automatically placed within the correct print queue by SpoolQ, while the destination of others could be determined by the operators.

"It was no longer necessary for the host operators to know where print jobs needed to go," states Rob. "SpoolQ would either determine this automatically using information contained within the job, or the SpoolQ operators could decide themselves with the help of SpoolQ's on-screen job viewing facility.

Start-rite after diagram

Furthermore, SpoolQ's archive facility meant that print jobs could be easily reprinted without having to reissue them from the host."

"Since the IDS integration, our documents can be sourced from any host and output to any printer and even to email," comments Adrian Colley, ICT Manager for Start-rite. "Not only that, managing our documents has never been easier. Certain jobs are automatically routed, while others are viewed on screen by the operator prior to output."


  • Improved Output Management
    Print jobs received by SpoolQ from either host can be viewed on-screen, dynamically or manually moved to any print queues, archived and reprinted at any time.

  • Improved Output Distribution
    Print jobs received by SpoolQ from either host can be output to any printer or FormScape project and even email and fax. Furthermore print loads can be shared across any number of Start-rite’s printers.

  • Future-proof
    Host and destination independent solution means that future hardware and software integration is quick, easy and cost-effective.

  • Non-invasive
    No hardware or software changes required on the hosts or printers.

  • No 'down-time'
    Quick and seamless integration of all solutions.

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