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SilentPrint does not process documents placed in a Watched folder.


This applies to SilentPrint v2 only.

Below is a list of possible reasons why SilentPrint is not processing documents...

  • The documents you are trying to process are not supported by SilentPrint. All unsupported documents are automatically placed in an Unsupported folder within the associated Watched folder. Please refer to the list of Supported Documents.
  • Your trial has expired. Please purchase a SilentPrint license from the SilentPrint Buy Now page on this website.
  • File Types in the SilentPrint Configuration dialog is set to a single supported document that has not been placed in the associated Watched folder. Set File Types to All files or the document extension that you are trying to process.
  • A document Mask has been applied in the SilentPrint Configuration dialog. Leave the Mask blank or set to *.*
  • The Watched folder is defined on a non-Windows platform such as Linux or Unix. Using SilentPrint like this can be temperamental and it is not recommended or supported by Funasset.
  • The printer associated with your Watched folder is located on a non-Windows platform such as a Netware server. The problem can, on occasion, be overcome by defining the printer using a local IP port on the PC where SilentPrint is installed. Using a non-Windows installed printer is not recommended or supported by Funasset.
  • You have pasted the documents within a sub-folder of a Watched folder. Add the following configuration parameter to the [MISC] section of your SilentPrint.ini: Recurse Watched Folder = YES
  • Your Watched folder is defined on a mapped drive. If Windows is logged off, all mapped drive connections (and as a result the Watched folder) cannot be accessed by SilentPrint. Log on to Windows to start printing, or alternatively Lock the server console instead of logging off.

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