Incorrect output tray, colour or orientation.

  • SilentPrint


Printer settings are changed to specify output from a specific printer tray, a change of colour or orientation but the output uses the normal settings.


If your output doesn't appear from the expected output tray of your printer or it is the wrong colour or orientation, this is usually caused by incorrect settings in the target printer's Windows definition.

If you go to Devices and Printers in Control Panel and right-click on your target printer, there are usually 2 entries in the drop down list called Printing Preferences and Printer Properties. Depending upon your version of Windows, each of these options may provide access to more than one dialog called Advanced or Preferences. Sometimes users have changed their settings in Printing Preferences to request colour/black & white output or specific orientation, output trays etc. but when files are put through a SilentPrint task, these settings are not followed. Historically the reason has been that Windows has more than one place where these settings can be specified and somewhere the default values are still in force.

If you are experiencing this sort of problem, please be sure that you have changed your settings appropriately in all the dialogs provided by Windows for your device's definition..

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