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How do I license SilentPrint3?


Unlike other Funasset software, SilentPrint3 does not require a licence key. Instead, SilentPrint3 must be activated over the Internet in order for the watermark to be removed from its output.

Before SilentPrint3 can be activated you must have a SilentPrint3 licence credit available in your Funasset user account. A licence credit is automatically applied to your user account when you purchase a SilentPrint3 licence.

If you are upgrading from one SilentPrint3 product to another or upgrading from a legacy SilentPrint to SilentPrint3, a licence credit is not added automatically during the purchase process. Instead you must notify Funasset of your purchase and wait for a licence credit to be applied to your user account.

To Activate the software, go to Manage in the SilentPrint3 Client and select the Licence tab. Supply the login details of the Funasset account where the credit has been added and click Activate. If you are attempting to apply an annual renewal licence, please refer to the KB article here

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