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There may be instances where SilentPrint3 will begin processing a file when it isn't in a completed state. This could happen if copying larger files to a watched folder and/or if the watched folder is an FTP target.


SilentPrint3 can be told to wait for a specified time (the default is 100 milliseconds) and to do a comparison between how a file looked at the start of the wait period and how it looks at the end. If there is no difference then the file is considered complete and processing continues. If there is a difference then SilentPrint waits another 100 milliseconds until there is no difference in the comparison.

Be aware that this will affect all files placed in the task's watched folder i.e. if you submit any file then it will be subject to the time delay as SilentPrint carries out the comparison.

To enable this feature you must perform the following:

1. Stop the SilentPrint3 service.
2. Browse to c:\programdata\SilentPrint3\Tasks\Your task's name\Config and open the config.spc there in Notepad or similar.
3. Do a Find on the text func_var_check_file_stability and change it's value to True
4. Next do a Find on the text func_var_int_file_stability_poll which is set to 100 milliseconds by default. This is the delay between comparisons. Try changing the value to 200 for example.
5. Save the config.spc file and restart the SIlentPrint3 service.
6. If the issue is not resolved then return to #4 above and increase the value to say 300 and re-test.

Unfortunately this isn't an exact science as a suitable value will depend upon each user's environment.

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