Problems using the SilentPrint3 Client

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When you try to start the SilentPrint3 Client you may get an error message or once inside the Client, you find that some of the fields in the Task Configuration page don't function correctly.


The Client uses a built-in Web application to display the user interface. Sometimes this doesn't install correctly and errors can occur. To overcome this you can tell the Client to display the interface using your default Web browser instead. To do this you need to carry out the following steps.

1. Quit from the Client.
2. Browse to and open the file SilentPrint3_Client.config on the path C:\ProgramData\SilentPrint3 Client\Configuration.
3. In that file there is an 'Add Key' statement called VirtualHosting and set to False by default. Change this to True
4. Save and Close the file.
5. Start the client.

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