Electronic Delivery Service Added to Hybrid Mail

Electronic Delivery Service Added to Hybrid Mail

With an increasing demand for organisations to cut operating costs and reduce their impact on the environment, sending correspondence digitally instead of printing and posting it is no longer a desire but instead a necessity. Funasset's Hybrid Mail solution now includes an Electronic Delivery Service that satisfies this requirement without compromising privacy or the way correspondence is presented.

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Funasset’s Hybrid Mail solution now includes an Electronic Delivery Service that presents correspondence digitally to eligible recipients in a secure and accessible way.

Instead of printing then posting documents such as letters, invoices and leaflets, they are instead made available online and accessed using a web browser. The information contained in the documents only persists in the recipient’s browser session and the senders own environment to ensure confidential data remains private.

Correspondence is presented in the same way as if it had been printed and initial notification is delivered to the recipient digitally using email and popular messaging services including WhatsApp. At the point of viewing the correspondence a Fixed pin or one time password is requested, ensuring the intended recipient is the only person with access.

Benefits & Features

  • Correspondence is only sent digitally if the recipient has requested it, otherwise it is printed and posted.

  • Reports are provided to indicate which recipients have read their correspondence. Reminders can be sent automatically at specified intervals to those who haven't.

  • Large text, easy read and audio versions of the correspondence can be provided so you can adhere to your organisation’s accessibility guidelines.

  • The correspondence (which could contain confidential data) is not sent in the email or message. Instead, a retrieval link is provided.

  • Correspondence can be protected by either a fixed pin or a one time password (OTP) to help ensure private data is not compromised.

  • Delivering correspondence digitally eliminates printer, paper, envelope and postage costs, while also reducing the impact your organisation has on the environment.

  • Digital delivery direct to a recipient’s phone, tablet or computer, reduces the risk of the correspondence’s call to action being ignored (e.g. NHS appointments are more likely to be attended). Furthermore, call to actions can be added to the recipient’s chosen calendar.

  • The appearance of printed and digital correspondence is identical meaning templates and design costs are kept to a minimum.

  • Just like printed correspondence, the Hybrid Mail system retains an archive copy so a full audit trail is available.

NHS HSCN Network Compatibility

The Electronic Delivery Service integrates with the NHS HSCN network meaning the security this environment offers is maintained and patients are assured their confidential data remains private.

Download and view the Hybrid Mail - Electronic Delivery Service leaflet
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